Kjaer + Loege


How long is the delivery time for K + L Dimmer?

2 weeks. Kjaer + Loege is being built stone by stone as a company, and in the near future will have a shorter delivery time than this, but we currently have limited stock and a large order, so we need a few days to get them to you. Thank you for your patience! But call us if you are in the final stages of renovation or completion of a new house, and we will see what we can do to ensure that you are not left without dimmers for the first few days in your new home.


How fragile is the K + L dimmer?

The KLOSS series is in concrete and wood for design reasons. It is a beautiful living material that helps to give the room that little something extra, the feeling of integrated interior architecture. The dimmer should be considered like a piece of furniture, like a vase or a lamp, which is also more fragile than plastic. It can certainly withstand frequent use, but if it is taken off the wall and falls on a hard surface, parts of it can shatter or break, like other design objects. So please be careful when assembling, and use them with a loving touch.


Can I have a K + L Dimmer in the bathroom?

Soon! But not this model, unfortunately. Bathrooms/wet rooms have their own rules for electrical installations, so we develop several products for the bathroom. We can't wait to launch these :) 


Is the K + L Dimmer approved and certified?

Yes, absolutely. The quality of the electronics is very important to us. It must be of high quality, and of course safe. The electronics are CE approved, i.e. approved under the EU's electrical safety requirements, and also tested and approved for the very strict Norwegian regulations. We use the fire protection company Rise and the electrical safety company NEMCO for testing and certification of KLOSS Dimmer. The design of the industrial design is done by highly experienced electricians and engineers (Toolsinvent and Cato Sveen), in collaboration with a very solid environment within manufacturing at Raufoss. The dimmer was developed in England, and manufactured in China, and the "innards" are already on the market in Scandinavia, Germany and the Benelux area. Please see the Declaration of Conformity, the FDV and the user manual for more information.

What does it mean that the switches are programmable?

It simply means that you can decide what the lowest and brightest point of your light source should be. We are proud that this dimmer dims the light all the way down, if you choose it, but you can choose that the lowest brightness is slightly brighter than completely off. In the same way, you can ensure that the brightest point is not flood lighting on e.g the downlights or ceiling light, by setting a lower maximum brightness. The electrician, or you, can easily program it by following the user manual. You can change the programming at any time. It is usual for the dimmers to be programmed during installation, then you are done with it. Or don't program them at all. They work as soon as they are installed, with the full light range of your bulbs.


Do I have to program the dimmer ?

No, it is an extra function that you can use as needed to adjust the lowest and highest brightness. The wheel does not have a point where it can no longer turn. Does it matter? No, this is a digital dimmer, so it is the capacity of the light source that limits the dimming, and not the dimmer itself. This brings out everything in the light source. You can set limits on the upper and lower brightness yourself when programming. Or just dim, which the dimmer is very good at:)


Can the dimmer replace a switch?

Absolutely. It´s actually specially made for it. The electronics are constructed to easily replace switches without having to change the electronics in the wall. The dimmer is also a switch, like other dimmers. KLOSS Dimmer has a push function, so just give it a nice push in the middle, and the light turns on or off with a pleasant click. When you turn it on, the light source wakes up at the level it was at when you turned it off. Good morning:)


Does the dimmer work for all types of bulbs? What does universal dimmer mean?

Yes, it is a universal dimmer, which is not limited by the types of lamps or bulbs it controls. Multi dimmers have a limitation that this dimmer does not have.


I have smart-home. Is the KLOSS Dimmer compatible?

Yes. KLOSS Dimmer will work like the dimmer you have today, as part of the smart home, perhaps better. A new KLOSS Dimmer will be installed in the same electrical system you have, and work together with your Smart home. It is not smart in itself, but fitted to your system.


Can the dimmer be mounted on a concrete or brick wall?

Basically not, unless you want to hire a craftsman to install an electrical box in a "hard" wall. The dimmer is so-called in-wall, i.e. dependent on an electrical box in the wall, usually mounted on studs behind plaster or wooden boards.


Can I install the dimmer myself?

No, not if you are not an approved electrician, unfortunately. It is not allowed to install electrical components without a certificate in electronics, so call an electrician, or contact us for contact with friendly and skilled electricians, if you live in the Oslo area.


The dimmer sits crookedly on the wall/scratches against the wall when in use. Why?

There is a good chance that the electrical box does not sit flush with the wall. K + L dimmer is unique in its design, where the front is a whole piece of wood or concrete, and "floats" a few millimeters outside the wall. If the electrical box sits a little into the wall, it pulls the dimmer's front element (concrete/wood) against the wall. This can be easily fixed by detaching the dimmer from the electrical box (no need to disconnect the wires), unscrew the adjusting ring in the electrical box so that it is flush with, or slightly out from the wall (1-2 mm), and screw in the dimmer again (iron plate with screw groove, plastic plate with plastic nut, click on wood/concrete front). However, use an electrician for this, in order to comply with regulations.


I have a double dimmer on the wall, and want to change to a K+ L dimmer. Does Kjaer + Loege have a double dimmer?

We have taken many rounds on this, and since we focus on design and expression, we settled on the fact that we do not make double dimmers or a combination dimmer/switch in one expression. However, we have good experience in replacing double dimmers/switches at home with, in our case, three dimmers mounted in three wall boxes. It looks good, and the price for additional wall boxes is not exorbitant.


How much work is it to replace an existing dimmer with a K + L Dimmer?

Same work as with any dimmer. K + L Dimmer follows the Norwegian standard and is easy to install. In any case, an electrician must be contacted to install the electrical box and finally the dimmer . If you have a craftsman in you, you can cut out holes for the electrical box with a diameter of 73 mm in wood or plasterboard in the size that the electrician has cut out in the wall when installing electrical boxes. Support with planks behind the plaster/wooden wall, screw your board into studs/planks, putty and plaster for a smooth transition, paint over, and notify the electrician that the dimmer can be installed . We managed it when installing the first K + L dimmers at home, and then you can do it too:) Possibly contact a craftsman , who is more comfortable.


What does it mean that there is a K + L Dimmer Master and Slave?

K + L Dimmer Master is the main unit for controlling the light source. It can be connected to one or up to five slaves, which then control the same light source. An example is typically a staircase, where you might want to control the stairlight from the top and bottom of the stairs. The Master dimmer can be at the bottom, and the Slave at the top, e.g. Other examples are ceiling lights in the living room, ceiling lights in bedrooms, etc. where it can be practical and nice to have several points to control the light from. Electricians easily mount the Slaves to the Master. The master is connected to the light source, and the slaves to the master.


How are the dimmers placed in relation to each other?

We have done some research on this, and visually we think that as long as there is a minimum distance of 5 cm between them, it is very nice. This coincides with the distance between the electrical boxes in which they are mounted in the wall. Beyond the 5 centimeters, it is your creative and aesthetic choice to place them in the way you feel best decorates your room. Remember that the materials go well together, so if you have wood, light concrete and gray concrete in combination, it's also beautiful. Feel free to send us pictures of your choice! We love to see different solutions:)